Golf 2
Post Mini-Golf 2016 – Team at the Royal Crescent

2016 saw the involvement of Bath Civil Engineering & Architecture students for the first time. With no precedent they did an amazing job:

  • Resurfacing two community sports pitches at Munali and Mtendere, transforming what were squares of dust to high quality playing surfaces that have already been a blessing to the young people in those communities.
  • Constructing a beach volleyball court at the Olympic Youth Development Centre, the first of its kind in Zambia. This was certainly the most challenging project, requiring bespoke design, overcoming funding issues and unforeseen construction complications. Though the team sadly had to depart before the final stage of construction was completed, the legacy they have left is one to be proud of.

Following their example, the future teams have taken on-board the lessons learnt in managing construction, timescale feasibility, design recommendations and commuting on the hair-raising minibus taxis!