OYDC – Day 2

First experience of the Zambian ‘Boom Bus’

Today the three teams went to each of their assigned sites to meet with the contractors. Lil Fraser and I headed to OYDC, we were unsure of our meet time but we thought we would try the bus system and organise our thoughts prior to the meeting. The bus system was… interesting, but so much fun! And we arrived there in a relatively fast time too and didn’t get lost, so a successful first ride! We arrived to find the meeting was cancelled but we thought we would crack on. We were limited with equipment so we marked out the pitch roughly using some rocks on site. We walked over the site too which revealed some strange holes which since arriving back at the house we have been notified that it could potentially be snakes!!! We are now back at the house, safe and sound, rocking out to Grease lightning, with our belly’s full of delicious spag bol cooked by head chef Lil Fraser tonight!


One thought on “OYDC – Day 2

  1. Loving your stories!!!! Keep them coming……..love from Alison & Mal Robinson (hope my son hasn’t poisoned you all…..!!!!!) 💕 💕 💕 💕


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