Munali – Day 3

It was an early start for the Munali team this morning with Fraser and I heading down to start work on site at 7:30. Whilst we are still aclimatising to the Zambian sun the mornings are definitely preferable, regardless of the early wake up call. Before the sun reached its peak we were able to survey the site, a task which required me to think back to one of my first year modules at University, almost 5 years ago now! We quickly wrapped our heads around it and were on our way, recording the levels of the ground and marking out the court with the help our contractor Charles and his team.

We received a lot of interest from the students who were keen to hear about what we were doing and they were pleased that they would be receiving two new courts, even if it meant that they’d be out of use for the next few weeks.

Work was halted whilst we checked that the school was happy for us to start. Fraser and I were surprised that they hadn’t been informed but they were happy for us to do the project and we have been admiring the Zambian way of doing things ever since.





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