Mtendere – Day 5

Mtendere Community School has three girls aged 17-19, who have reached a national standard of netball, however there are currently no netball facilities at the school. The purpose of the project is to build a multi surface court with Netball and Volleyball markings at the front of the school, the teachers are hoping for more sportsmen and women to develop as a result of the project.

The School is located in the middle of a local market, full of life, smells and drama (after witnessing a husband and wife arguing in the market and attracting a lot of probably unwanted attention). A small area outside the school building had just recently been provided by a breeze block wall, allowing for more school facilities in the future.

Once arriving on site, we met the amazing Chali, he’s an experienced contractor who is keen to learn everything and anything about civil engineering. We’ve spent lots of time revising and discussing the design with Chali and the teachers at the school and after that setting out the markings. So far we’ve got the materials on site and the process of levelling and compaction of materials is underway.

It’s been really rewarding so far watching the deigns on paper being laid onto the ground. We’re really looking forward to seeing how the project can help the school children.

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