OYDC – Day 9


After all the time spent drawing designs, attending meetings and setting out, we have finally reached the first day of work on the beach volleyball court! We broke ground at 1000 hours this morning.

A last minute meeting with the contractor and Clement Chileshe (director of OYDC and founder of Sport in Action) led to some improvements of the layout to allow for future adaptions such as; spaces for a tuck shop, an additional stand and team benches, a new access and higher catch net posts to allow lights to be installed in the future. These will make the venue more accessible when hosting events in the future.

Great progress has already been made, with the trenches for the new water supplies completed and half of the court area excavated. Tomorrow we aim to finish excavation of the court area and install a new water pump and begin the purchase of tyres – which are found on the corner of most roads.

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