Mtendere – Day 11


After a relaxing weekend exploring natural sites south of Lusaka, we arrived on Monday at Mtendere Community School to find that the water had been cut off over the weekend. Because of this the under layers of the court had not been compacted. Everyone on site responded to the water turn off well, as if it was expected.

Midway through Monday morning we had started to irrigate the pitch, however the water was turned off again meaning that works were delayed. Following this water was sourced from elsewhere.

During the process we have tried to adapt the designs to the wishes of the headteacher, Gideon. For example putting a walk way across from the classrooms to the court and a net to stop netballs being lost in the bustling market outside the school.

Looking forwards, there is news of netball dresses arriving for the opening ceremony of the court, we are excited!

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