Mtendere Team – Finished court!

The court is finished! And what a great start for us to witness the first netball game played by the local netball team, coached by the headmaster, Mr Mumba. The project funders, Kelly and Keith Hunter, where also still around to watch the match.

Emily joined in for a few minutes! The black and pink netball dresses were kindly provided to the team by Kelly and Keith, brought all the way from England.

The netball team were more than keen for their match, arriving as early as 3 hours before the match time, to clean and dry their kits. It was really inspiring to see their motivation towards the sport, and how talented they where!

We left the site fairly early however with Kelly and Keith, as it was the day before elections and therefore one of the busiest days for campaigning. We all got a taxi, but still got stuck in the middle of a rally for Edgar Lungu (in green).

This was definitely an experience! We thought we had passed the crown, as we saw them develop on an empty road and coming our way, until further down the road we got stuck and had various people running past us to follow a campaign van giving out Lungu hats, which our taxi man also attempted to get by sending our sat-nav (a man in the boot) out for the job. Having been halted for a while, our taxi then drove to the curb to let a massive wall of people pass, some with their faces covered and holding batons, we knew it was unlikely for any trouble to come our way, the environment was intimidating. The positivity from our taxi driver (we can only assume now he was voting for Lungu) definitely kept us in better spirits, and in the end we got some good videos and memories!

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