OYDC – Day 17

Today has been excellent. We arrived on-site to find that the funding issues had been resolved and the men were working at a more steady pace as a result of an additional supervisor as had been discussed in the meeting yesterday.

Fraser and I worked hard throughout the day. We revised the programme which we later discussed with the contractor. We produced a chart with the key tasks and we have asked for it to be filled out to make us aware of completion dates. We expect this back in the next few days. We asked the contractor to fill this out as his experience puts him in a far better position to plan the works accordingly.

We also wrote a letter requesting the remaining funds, this should prevent payment issues occurring in the future as the money will be ready well in advance of when required.

Unfortunately work was cut short today due to political tensions as a result of the elections tomorrow (11/08/2016). If the opportunity had presented itself we had hoped to get tyres. However, the situation was gauged to be too dangerous to continue as several rallys were occuring and it was best to get home quickly before the situation potentially escalated. We will judge whether it is safe to continue works tomorrow or whether it is best we remain inside – the team is of the opinion that our own safety is paramount and thus we are listening carefully to the advice of locals. Our thanks go out to Sport In Action for looking out for the team at all times.

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