Mtendere Team – Elections

We have just finished a few days of lock-in due to the elections, in which we built a chicken coup with materials lying around in garden (see Chick-Inn blog post), and played many games of cards whilst keeping up with the Olympics (GO team GB!). Arriving to site in the morning, we found the lines had been repainted, and the site had been tidied. A covered area for church had been taken down, but since (as it is church on Sundays) had been done up even better than it had been before. The veranda at the school had also been touched up.

Looking ahead, we have a few more exciting enhancements to carry out before we leave the site, to make it a safer environment to play in! This includes covering a ditch which runs along the southern side, a hazard to both the netballers and the children heading to assembly (to start being held on the new court). Alongside this, a catch net above the existing wall to keep balls from falling on the heads of the people in the market, who consequently don’t typically return the ball (we have been told).

And the election results are out! And Lungu (most popular in Lusaka) is the winner!

Fortunately we left site early, so as to miss the bustle of celebrations which would have delayed us significantly. Our team mates at OYDC were not so ‘lucky’, and witnessed celebrations in the form of dancing in the streets and cars hooting (see Frasers blog).

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