Mtendere Team -Meeting the President (ish)

During our time here in Lusaka, we believed we had got the hang of buses. However, today was slightly different. On our bus ride home from site, we encountered the President himself, addressing the people of Lusaka! Upon seeing the traffic and hoard of people ahead, the bus decided to stop and not go any further. Not 100% sure where to head to get back, we befriended a woman who had been on the bus, to walk with us to the end of the route. Our conversation throughout the walk was very interesting, with her conveying her pride of the Zambian people, who don’t like violence, and are very peaceful, which from our experience we have to agree with!

Throughout our long walk, we encountered many people celebrating still, covered in green garments with Lungu’s face, some drunk from alcohol, others just from happiness. And, as standard, many pickup trucks carrying the happy voters, shouting and hooting! In the end, we arrived home safely and happy to have experienced more from the very special occasion that has been unfolding here in Zambia.


With regards to on site work, we were able to go out to Kalinglinga and get our bartering skills going to purchase the drain grating materials. We are happy to say we were successful, especially since the price had gone up since we asked a couple of weeks ago. We look forward to seeing how it will look, as Mr Chileshe (carrying out the works) is skilled in welding.


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