OYDC – Day 21

Our usual Zambian routine resumed today following the recent lockdown, recommended to us for our safety as a result of the election. There were lots of celebrations in Lusaka yesterday lasting until the earlier hours of this morning, Becca and I got caught up in some of the celebrations in the heart of town.

Today was a very busy one, traveling first to the markets to purchase 5,000 sacks for the sand to be transported in. We cleaned out one stall of every 25kg sack they had, the poor lady counting all two thousand them! Also bought was a roll of metal mesh, which will be used to sieve any small aggregates out of the sand (All 150 tonnes needs to be sieved before use on the beach volleyball court).56


The second half of our morning was used collecting old worn tyres, from several roadside repair huts. These tyres will be rammed with earth, stacked on top of each other and used as a retaining wall for the excavated hole we currently have on site as well as to hold the sand for the court.


Now is the last errand of the day, a 3 hour car journey to Kapirimposhi to meet with the sand suppliers and deliver the sacks. Looks like the day has been too much for me…..



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