Mtendere Team – The Wallace Tourny


Today, we arrived to the Mtendere site, to see their teams preparing for the Wallace Tournament – held at Munali School where a large number of schools compete in netball, football, volleyball, and basketball. Since our site didn’t have anything planned for that day in which we had to oversee, we decided to grab a lift to the tournament. No sooner had the bus engine revved that the kids started their songs… During the day, it was especially great to witness the under 17’s from Mtendere win the netball, and the under 15’s come second!

We saw great sportsmanship from all teams, even when there was little chance of winning. Mtendere’s under 15’s played another under 15 team which appeared to consist of girls between the ages of 9 and 12, with a drastic height difference. Although it was obvious who would win, this did not stop the kids from trying their best and scoring points.


That day, we were able to look at how the Munali court was progressing, and even made a friend; Faith, who LOVES doing people hair, and as we saw, dancing (which she is actually pretty good at).

The event ended with awards handed out, and a fair amount of dancing by the IDEALS team to their favourite Zambian tunes!

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