British Night

This evening, the IDEALS house hosted group 2’s British night. This consisted of us cooking typical British food. Our house produced roast chicken on potatoes, and a vegan shepherds pie. Emily and I (Dominique) arrived home early to start the cooking, but on arrival we found no electricity. Since the hob is electric, we would have had no way of cooking. Thankfully by 1500hrs we had power! Let the cooking commence!

Upon arrival to the IDEALS house, lights out, NO ELECTRICITY! I will not hide the fact, this made us giggle secretly. Fortunately for the team there, they had gas and where able to use ingenious way of representing an oven through the hob. We ate by torchlight, adding to the ambience of the evening, but did make it slightly harder to recognise everyone. By dessert, we celebrated at the return of electricity, and completed the evening in high spirits.

We had previously done a few plaits in each others hair, but of course, not being skilled in the art of cornrows, had to be shown the proper way. Emily ended up being honoured by having one done in her hair.


She hopes to keep it until the end of the trip, and possibly add to the number!

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