OYDC – Day 27

121Today we visited Becca and Fraser at OYDC, starting the day off with a pretty long bus journey via town, full of people selling snacks to you whilst you wait for the bus to leave. Upon arrival to site, we made ourselves useful and packed cardboard into tyres. The tyres are being lined with cardboard to prevent the earth which is being rammed into them to form the wall from falling out. There is a over 300 tyres being used on site, so that is a lot of cardboard!

At lunchtime we were treated to an African meal of nsheema (a maize carbohydrate like mash potato), relish and kaplenta, a small dried fish similar to sardines. Following this, our time was ticking by and we were keen to get back home before the sun went down.index

We had a great day visiting the site at OYDC, it was rewarding to see the progress of the beach volleyball court and we really believe that this will be an asset to the OYDC’s amazing facilities. We can’t wait to see the beach volleyball court complete!!

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