Truck tour


Today Dominique and I joined the truck tour of all the sites with group three from IDEALS. Group 3 arrived on Sunday, so the truck tour showed them where they will be based whilst on sports placement. We joined the tour to visit the Sport In Action sites to carry out site walkovers. Our main focus was noting down the precise location of the sites, as this was not made available to us before arrival, taking photos of the sites, noting down current facilities and ground conditions, along with other information.

First we visited the Mtendere site, which has a brand new netball court, a volleyball court and a football pitch. Then we traveled to visit Zoe and Fraser at Munali, Munali will soon boast a brand new double volleyball court, thanks again to our sponsors for funding this development.

After Munali came Chipata, it’s a large school with over 500 pupils near the Heroes football stadium. Chipata has a recently refurbished high quality basketball court, along with football, netball and volleyball courts on undulating, cement-sand mix dust ground with court lines made resourcefully out of charcoal dust. Perhaps a netball or volleyball court could be a future developmentā€¦

Following Chipata we visited the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), which is only a stone’s throw down the road. At OYDC we got to catch up with Becca and Fraser and the beach volleyball court site. We found the site full of action and we got stuck in and started again where we left off with the tyre packing. OYDC has many impressive sports facilities, which are used to develop world class athletes, we’re delighted to add to their collection of facilities and thanks again to our sponsors for enabling these works. We’re hoping for a Zambian entry in beach volleyball in the 2020 Olympics!

Next was Fountain of Hope, Fountain of Hope is an orphanage as well as a school, all the other sites apart from OYDC are schools. Steven, our housemate and peer leader for Sport In Action, grew up and went to school at Fountain of Hope, before going back as a football coach and mentor, the work of Fountain of Hope and all the other sites is amazing and completely life changing, we are so overjoyed to be able to help the sites, by building facilities, to help others. Fountain of Hope have a multi use sports court with basketball, netball and volleyball capabilities and a football pitch a short walk away, which is shared with a neighbouring school. The site is small and packed with classrooms, a library, a kitchen and a toilet and shower block, so there is no space available for new developments.

A short trip down the road took us to St Patrick’s school, it’s a catholic school ran by sisters. The ground conditions are similar to Chipata. Time was passing quickly so it was time to go home back home to say goodbye to Zoe. Zoe has had to leave early as she needs to begin her PhD. We wish here safe travels and the best of luck!

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