Munali – day 35


Exciting news at Munali! Apart from some last minute welding on the volleyball posts, Munali is now complete. With handover scheduled for Tuesday we are very pleased with the final result, and excited to see it in use in a couple of days time.

As the project progressed, we decided to add a blockwork edge to the court as well as a chamfered concrete edge. This provides a tidier and safer edge and will also protect it from weather damage during the rainy season. The surface is composed of an asphalt layer, followed by two slurry layers, which will provide a robust playing court which we hope will have a good longevity for years to come.

It has been an eventful and exciting few weeks and we have learnt a great deal about the Zambian construction process on the way. We are excited to hand over on Tuesday, just in time before our departure!

Big Fraser

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