OYDC – Penultimate Week (Day 25 to Day 30)

As we are closing in on the end of our time here in Zambia, it is sad to say that the beach volleyball court will not be 100% finished before we leave. Apologies that there has been no previous warning but we have been trying to remain optimistic and have been pushing on all fronts to get things completed. This is due to multiple set backs incured over our 35 day period, up until today we have already lost 15 days! Reasons such as; public holidays, election voting & results, our water line being cut off by the council, our excavator breaking down, the painfully slow bank transfers and the truck transporting the sand getting stuck in the sand (very ironic I know!).

To not be completely morbid, and despite all the delays, we have still managed to complete a significant amount of the work; getting new drainage systems fitted, constructing new seating and pounding 354 tyres with rammed earth (which has been a very time consuming operation). Our original aim has now been adapted to complete all of the works up until the point of filling the court with sand. This is 5,000 No. 50kg bags amounting to a total of 25 tonnes!

We will keep you all updated on the final progress.

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