Take me to Church


This Sunday (our last Sunday in Zambia) we met up with group 3 IDEALS team and went to the church of one of the Sport in Action’s peer leaders. We dressed our best (which involved borrowing each others clothes) and headed to Munali Boys School for the church bus. We had a quick look at the volleyball courts at Munali, that were having the last finishing touches done to.

The service was held in a marquee fit for a wedding. In the marquee there was high tech cameras, speakers and lots of other tech equipment. The church we visited originated from Zambia and it broadcasted the service on the internet.

The service started with a short introduction, followed by a number of Christian songs, lead by several amazing, beautifully dressed, singers from the church choir, which some of our group recognised the tunes from. We believe one was by S Club 7, and another Westlife. The songs were accompanied by joyful singing and dancing by everyone. This was shortly followed by prayers, which were all vocalised, very different to the typical British church.

The pastor gave a detailed and passionate sermon, it was very interesting to experience one of the many churches here in Zambia.

Following church we ventured back to the markets to barter for final souvenirs for family and friends.

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