Mtendere Team – Finishing touches

After the works at the Munali site were complete, work have resumed again at Mtendere to complete the finishing touches, this consists of a fenceline catchnet above the existing wall and a muriel of netball rules on the school wall. The walls have been plastered, to allow for an artist to come and add to the schools aesthetics, and poles are attached onto the wall to hold up the fenceline.

It is really exciting that the court is complete, the school term begins in September and we are looking forward to receiving feedback on the court.

During the course of the construction works, there have been challenging moments, such as adjusting to Zambian culture. In hindsight I don’t think either of us would want to change this experience. We have both learnt so much, and given our all, made life long friends and been involved in a great cause, where we have been honoured to see the results through the netball players, among many others.

We especially hope next year will be as great a success as this year, if not a lot better!

Photos for this post are on their way!

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