Whilst in Zambia the team will spend 6 weeks designing, constructing and maintaining sports facilities at Munali High School in partnership with and in order to support the Volunteer Zambia project, specifically for Sport In Action. This included:

  • constructing a new netball court, adjacent to the existing basketball court
  • renovating the changing rooms which serve the football pitch and athletics track, are currently in a state of disrepair
  • performing site investigations, survey and design specifications for the reconstruction of the football pitch, which has major drainage problems, to aid a future team to carry out construction

Whilst Volunteer Zambia (formerly IDEALS) is successful in its 11th year, this is only the second time a group from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering will be involved. The construction and maintenance of facilities is crucial to the sustainable success of the programme.

Volunteer Zambia aims to establish a high quality, progressive and co-ordinated sports leadership development through an exchange program between the UK and Zambia. The programs are delivered by the University of Bath in partnership with other Wallace Group Universities and several other partner organisations: including Sport in Action, The Perfect Day Foundation and the Olympic Youth Development Centre. The Volunteer Zambia program addresses developmental challenges through sport, particularly in the areas of gender equality; health; disability; youth leadership and empowerment; and conflict resolution.

The construction and maintenance of sports facilities will support the sustained success of the Volunteer Zambia project which in turn will enable both Bath students and young Zambians alike to continue to benefit from the sports leadership programme. The construction projects will also address the shortage of community sports facilities in the hope of enhancing the lives of those in Lusaka. By working alongside local contractors we hope to share knowledge and construction practises and as a team we feel that we can pass on our personal experiences from prior work on sites in the UK, particularly in aspects of health, safety and the environment. The weeks we will be in Zambia coincide with a period of time when work for contractors is typically limited and thus we will be helping to secure a wage for labourers.