A2Z 2017 – The Update

2017 brings new faces to the ACE2Zambia team, as we prepare to fly out on Wednesday to continue the work of Bath University Architecture & Civil Engineering Department with Sport In Action.

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The Projects

This year we will be developing the facilities at Munali High School: constructing a netball court adjacent to the existing basketball court; renovating the changing rooms that serve the football pitch and athletics track; and completing survey and design work for the potential re-construction of the football pitch next year. For more details on our projects this year see The Projects .

Team Update

Selected in December for A2Z 2017, we are Max, Dani (Final Year), Sam A, Camille, Lana (3rd Year), and Sam R (2nd Year).

Fraser Robinson who was part of the project last year will be with us for the first 10 days in Zambia – showing us the ropes and helping to get things up and running. 


Since January we have been preparing for the project: running fundraising events including the Pub Quiz at Bath Brewhouse, bucket collecting at BUCS Big Wednesday, and our fantastic Acoustic Evening at The Thoughtful Bread Company cafe.

We set a fundraising target of £2000 to go towards the netball court construction, which coupled with £2000 donated by St Andrew’s will allow for a high quality product, with the potential for additional seating. The hours spent planning these events, and enquiring of companies to sponsor the project has paid off: our total now stands at £2,607.30!

In addition to this, we have secured the support of ICE QUEST and Bath University’s Alumni Fund towards our flights, accommodation and expenses.

We would like to thank everyone who has donated for their contribution- these builds simply wouldn’t be possible without the capital to pay for the materials and the contractor’s services.

Special thanks to:

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Wallace Group Weekend

In April we went up to Durham for the Wallace Group induction weekend, to meet the other members of the Volunteer Zambia (previously IDEALS), who will be working with Sport in Action, coaching alongside the Zambian peer leaders in sport or dance, and aiding sport management within Zambian government. Their ultimate aim is to develop young Zambians through sport: that they might be more health aware (especially HIV AIDS), and gain leadership and social skills that lead to real improvement in the communities they come from. To find out more about the fantastic programme that has been sustained now for the last 11 years, visit their website .

The weekend centred on education of the work of the Wallace Group, familiarisation of what to expect culturally, and preparing for the practical work we will be doing. Highlights included singing and dancing, led joyously by Stephen, one of the peer mentors from Zambia; and meeting Mwape, who directs facilities and construction work for Sport in Action, to discuss the projects that we will be working on, and getting his insight and vision for this year and beyond. Also, as our team will be geographically separated from the other students who will be living together in one house, getting to know those who will be going to Zambia at the same time as us was (and will be) very beneficial.

Overall it gave a great boost to our team, getting us excited for the project and setting our work in the big picture: that is the sustainable development of the work of Sport in Action for the benefit of a generation of Zambians.

Final preparations

The short turnaround (2 days!) between exams finishing and our departure has meant that there are many last minute preparations, including the plaque that will be placed on the netball court, in recognition of the generous donations of University of St Andrew’s (£2000), Wentworth House Partnership (£500), and Speller Metcalfe (£500).

We will be taking surveying equipment as we did last year – most significantly the level and measuring staff – as well as pavement design standards, soil charts and other useful resources, which will be difficult to obtain with the limited internet availability in Zambia.

As we rush around packing bags, moving houses(!), topping up our knowledge on pavement design, amongst exam revision, we are looking forward to finally getting there.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news next week!

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