Day 4 – First day on site

Today was a day for final planning and site investigation before hopefully awarding jobs to contractors by the end of tomorrow.

We started at the Sport in Action office – check us out working hard (or hardly working?) in the candid pic – sketching out plans and detailing the netball court. Using the precious Wi-Fi we were also able to research what special precautions to take when laying asphalt in such a hot climate and how to deal with pesky termites – things we take for granted we don’t have in the UK!

The next step was getting to site at Munali to meet a contractor and do some site investigation. With the changing room renovation the contractor gave us some good tips on how to minimise costs (without sacrificing quality, of course) and make the most of the fundraised money. Next up was getting out the Dumpy Level and doing some good ol’ surveying. As you can see from the picture of Dani through the scope, we do indeed still know how to do it! Our second year surveying lecturer Paul McCombie would be proud.

After much intrigue one of the Munali students came up to us and asked what we’re up to (we were after all a bunch of Muzungus with tape measures and a weird tripod in the middle of their sports pitches…). We told her “we’re building you a new netball court” and once she returned to her friends (probably to share the news) we knew the pressure was on to do a good job! Ideally in about a month’s time the same girl will be joining us at the opening ceremony.

Evening activities consisted of climbing up our water tower (why not) and learning how to prepare a semi-gutted chicken.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Lol of the day: Dani seeing a picture of the Clintons in the Sport in Action office and reminding us all of when Fraser once said “is Bill Clinton famous for anything other than being Hillary Clinton’s husband?”

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