Day 5-6: Negotiations continue

After a feeling a bit deflated yesterday, what with high quotations and worrying that we wouldn’t be able to do as much as we’d like… today the sun may not be shining, but the contractor we met with has helped us to see some light nonetheless! 

After a lengthy chat and our best negotiating (it doesn’t come all that naturally to us muzungus), we’ve managed to conjure up what could be a reasonable bid for the renovation of the changing rooms!  Perhaps the overcast and chilly weather is making us feel at home and helping us bring out the classic British charm! 

The bus back to the Sport in action office was rammo and consisted of us piling on and off several times to let people off and on arrival at the bus station, the chaos continued. We got ushered in all directions, dodging reversing buses and swarms of people trying to find a bus to take us to the office! 

All was made worthwhile when we spotted the biggest avocados (yes we’re a tad avocado obsessed and got a little to overexcited..but they’re huge!!) 

We relayed the relevant info to sport in action and hope to get the ball rolling now! So what’re we waiting for… time to head back to the house and get started on the contract!! 

Over and out..

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