Day 11 – Contracts signed!

At the Sport in Action office this morning we put pen to paper with our two chosen contractors, with work on both sites due to start tomorrow bright and early at 8am! After the hard work and franticness of last week we’re thrilled to have made this big step today. Some materials were in fact already delivered to site this afternoon, giving weekend arrivals Sam Rawes and Danielle Wain an opportunity to visit Munali for the first time. With Sam now here it’s great to finally have the whole ACE 2 Zambia team together!

The first step tomorrow will be to cordon off a 25m zone from the changing rooms to avoid any asbestos dust reaching schoolchildren during the removal of the roof. We will also be at hand to answer any questions the children might have in order to raise awareness on the dangers of asbestos. 

Weekend activities included a visit to Munda Wanga Environmental Park just south of Lusaka, where much Zambian flora and fauna was admired (see pics below!)

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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