Day 12 – A lesson in ‘ZamTime’

Our slightly rushed morning meant we ended up bribing a bus driver to take us directly to Munali School without stopping (no others were on the bus, don’t worry). All this to get to site on time… and even then we’re ashamed to say we were 15 minutes late. What would the contractors say? First day on site and what a bad first impression on our behalf.

But true to the theory of ZamTime we then had to wait nearly two hours before the first contractor showed up! He was at least apologetic, and started cracking on with work right away. Another while later the digger for the netball court arrived and started clearing the layer of topsoil from the site. 

In summary, although we had a poor start we felt today was very successful indeed! The work is going to schedule but more importantly we learnt ZamTime is real and the only thing to do about it is to perhaps bring some entertainment for while you wait – maybe a football or frisbee or even a kite. 

Zambia team

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