​Day 17 – Weekend update

On Friday we levelled the trenches for the perimeter blocks for the netball court, which were to have a concrete footing poured, and the blocks laid. With the asbestos roof on the changing rooms now carefully removed and disposed of, work was continuing replacing and treating damaged roof beams, and repairing the blockwork.
So, following a week of steady progress on both the netball court and the changing rooms we took the opportunity to visit Kafue National Park over the weekend. Navigating the hectic bus station early on Saturday morning we eventually made it to Kafue around midday. We were greeted by the friendly Lyndon (a fellow Bathonian- small world eh!), and arrived at the lodge in time for lunch.

The lodge was a fantastic, small set-up, right by the river (and hippos!), built by Lyndon and Ruth themselves earlier this year. We were also fortunate to have Martin, a guide who grew up in the area, and had worked with the wildlife association for over 20 years. We managed to fit in two game drives on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, the highlight being the hair-raising car chase involving an elephant! This is very unusual behaviour for elephants, and the video Max took is being shown to the wildlife centre to see whether it is injured and can be treated, as it poses a risk to locals.
We returned from the break refreshed and ready to crack on, especially since we now had a night of cockerel-less sleep under our belts!

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