Days 18-22  – Compaction begins

Compaction of the netball court began on Wednesday, after water was added to the soil the day before. Everything is moving at a snail’s pace, which is frustrating, though it is being done well. Delays in providing an appropriately sized pipe for the borehole meant that it took an entire day to wet the court, and the hand driven compactor was also similarly slow.

Good quality work has continued on the changing rooms, and the roofing panels are now on. They are now returning to make alterations to the other side of the changing rooms. We have found that more supervision and guidance is required to bring the works to the quality we aim for.

We also visited the wonderful Fountain of Hope where Stephen, one of our housemates, grew up after being found as a street child. They take in vulnerable children and provide food, shelter and schooling for as long as necessary and are able. 

This weekend we are all excited to go to Livingstone to check out the Victoria Falls, as recommended by Sport in Action: “you can’t come to Zambia without seeing them!” 

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