Day 27 – Preparing for asphalt

Back on site things are moving along well. The delivery of the gravel for the base was delayed by unoperational excavators at the quarry, so the netball court base is still under construction. As we write this, the compactor is moving steadily, the forecast is that asphalt will be laid on Friday – though we have found the supply chain here makes construction a bit like gardening, who knows when the rains will come?!

Maybe it is because it has taken so long that reaching this stage feels so significant. It’s finally starting to look like netball one day will be played on the surface – exciting stuff!

Across the field at the changing rooms, the girls’ roof has now been fitted, ready for mortar filling, and attention now turns back to the boys’ side, where extra works need to be completed on the rafters.

We also await the return of the others from Livingstone, bringing fair tales of far-off lands and creatures. 

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