Day 32 – Pang’onopang’ono, slowly does it

Today marks our 4th week on site, and also the first day as the Three Musketeers. Dani, Max and Camille returned home yesterday for graduation, leaving the rest of us to tie it all together.

There’s a lot happening this week; in fact having initially thought we would have plenty of time to research future projects, write up reports, and assist in other builds, we now find ourselves quite pushed for time.

The aggregate for the asphalt has now been laid, but we await delivery of better bitumen before progress can continue…

As usual, things are ticking along on the changing rooms, sizing and treating rafters, and repairing block work.

Whilst we’ve been here we’ve had the opportunity to visit Fountain of Hope, and have seen benefits that education has on young people here. As a result we’re exploring sponsoring one of the children through school, just as Stephen, our housemate, was.

In other news, the cockerel who warrants an ASBO for his ludicrously early wake up calls has got himself 16 chicks- we hope for the sanity of the neighbourhood that most of them will become hens…

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