Over and Out

So, due to a minor issue involving visas, the three musketeers have been reduced to 2; it seems as if we’re dropping like flies… At least its the 2 best team members who have remained behind!

Reading back over earlier blogs it seems strange to believe we ever thought these projects were ‘on schedule’; but, 4 weeks overdue and just as many engineers down, we seem to have finally come to an end for both projects!

The netball court looks great and we hope, after our constant surveillance and incessant quality control, it retains its fantastic finish for at least a few years!

The changing room has a brand new roof and the metal doors and windows have been repaired by a local welder. What’s best is the area is totally asbestos free, so no worries about a few balls hitting the roof anymore!

We have scraped enough funds together to re-erect the basketball hoop that had fallen down on the adjacent court to our netball court. We are sure this will be much appreciated as now they can play a full game and double the capacity for their training.

Last week we had a visit from one of our lecturers, Alex Copping, with whom we had good discussions about ideas for next years work. We visited the University of Zambia and the Civil Engineering department was not too dissimilar to ours! There’s plans for involvement with Zambian students in the future which we think could be a useful alliance for both parties!

We’re currently in the airport about to start the journey home, and I can safely say for the whole team that we have all had an epic time out in Zambia, and if we can bring one skill back to the UK, it’s patience!!

A huge huge thank you to all our supporters, with special thanks to our sponsors, the University of Bath and Sport in Action, who have made this trip possible, we truly are grateful and hope to have further contact in the years to come.



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