Day 3 & 4

After a Saturday of working on the specifications of the court and preparing for the rest of the week, we were all very happy to be spending a day swimming and BBQ-ing on Sunday. We would be going to dream valley, a water park, with the ideals sports students. However before we could enjoy our day in the sun we had another challenge, to figure out the bus system of Lusaka! We would be taking a bus to the ideals sports students house and get a lift to the park from there.

The buses here are like nothing I have ever experienced before. There are no ‘real’ bus stops, you just stand by the side of the road and wave them down. And once you get on the bus, if it isn’t full the driver and his associate will try and jam as many passengers on as possible, stopping often to try and convince other pedestrians to use the bus. Because of this it takes a long time to get places and you are packed like sardines the whole way.

This being a Sunday it was a particularly slow day and as a result it ended up taking an hour and a half to get to the sports students house! Once we arrived we came upon a house somewhat similar to ours, but larger (and cleaner) and met the sports students. They were all very friendly and we knew we had a fun day in store.

Dream Valley itself was a water park similar to that in the U.K, except we were strangely greeted by a zebra at the gate! We had a great day there and got to know the sports students very well. The water in the pool was extremely cold, but that didn’t stop us from having a swim and playing lots of games. The food at the BBQ was also excellent.

After a fun day on Sunday we just were straight back to work on Monday. In order to have a more productive day we split up into two groups. One group, consisting of Amy and Eilish, started work at the office in the morning by having a Skype meeting with Alex Copping. Following this they began researching different contractors for the project, as well as trying to sort out extra funds. In the afternoon, they went to the Munali site to inspect the work done by previous bath teams.

The second group, consisting of Georgie, Simon, Rob and myself had a full day of surveying the Chipata site. It was extremely hot, but we were able to get the job done with extra time to spare. It ended up being quite a fun day as we were in constant contact with the children at the Chipata school and they were always coming up to watch us work. One kid even helped us out a bit and we got lots of great pictures as well ! Afterwards we all met at the house to debrief and prepare for the days ahead…

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