Days 6&7:

Tuesday morning was an early one, we got up and assembled ourselves ready for a meeting with George and Mwape at 9am at the Sport in Action office. We discussed the different quotes we had received and the main priority for the next few days: funding! Although we had worked hard back at home putting on events and gathering donations, it appears that prices have gone up since last years project!

We spent the day emailing everyone we could think of for that last push and trying to think of ways to bring down the cost of the court – the morning was all hands on deck followed by an afternoon of… patience!

Thankfully, whilst we were waiting, our Zambian housemate Edgar offered to take us to Kabwata Cultural Village – essentially, a tourist filled market with plenty of hand carved trinkets and brightly coloured African prints. After a bit of bartering a few of us made some purchases and listened to people practising on their drums for a concert later on in the month.

Yesterday was another day of emails and waiting – we received some revised quotes from a couple of contractors and went to visit a basketball court constructed by another possible contractor. A lot of discussion was had over more ways of getting the funds to give the children of Chipata a well deserved quote of the highest quality we can deliver.

For lunch, some of us went to the local market to have our first taste of nshima – a type of maize that is somewhere in between rice and mashed potato in terms of taste and texture. In Zambia cutlery is only for the posh, and so we used our hands to roll little balls of nshima and mop up the chicken, gravy and beans. It’s safe to say we haven’t yet mastered this as well as the locals and our table was a little messier than the rest…

The afternoon was filled with more emails and admin, followed by a trip to the sports students house for dinner. This mid-week gathering was not without reason, as it was Eilish’s birthday! We celebrated with pizza and games (one called ‘signs’ which needs a blog post of it’s own to explain). The night ended with an unexpected sleepover due to a severe lack of taxis post 10pm, luckily spare sleeping bags and mattresses meant we slept well anyway – thanks to the previous students for leaving them behind!


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