Day 13-15

After a busy few days down in Livingstone enjoying the activities, it was back to work on Wednesday for the team. During our bus journey back on Tuesday we received some very promising photos from our contractor showing us that work had already started! This got us very excited and we rushed to site to see what had been done, and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount that had been completed!
On site we found that not only had the contractor had begun mobilising and moving equipment to site, as expected, but had also begun levelling the site and removing the debris and rubbish. And this was all in one day, quite an odd occurrence for builders working on ZamTime we think.

Thursday was more of a relaxed day as we were informed that no more work would be carried out apart from more mobilising of equipment and materials to the site, which wouldn’t require our supervision. We therefore decided to make the most of our day by exploring more of the great works that Sport in Action are involved with, starting with helping at the drama rehearsals of The Pied Piper of Hamlin at the Fountain of Hope school and orphanage. It was great to see kids of all ages that are able to come out of their skin and express themselves that wouldn’t have been possible if they were still living on the streets.

That afternoon we had a guided tour of the orphanage by the wonderful Steven, who was raised through the orphanage and has now become the Site Coordinator of the sports at Fountain. It was a very humbling experience for us all the see the improvements that this place has made to the lives of these kids.

Friday came around and it was back to business for us all, we all headed out to the site at Chipata ready to show the work that we’re doing to VC Bob Allison from Loughborough, Tim Garfield, deputy director of sport at Loughborough and Peter Warburton from the Perfect Day Foundation. They all were very passionate and interested by all that we were doing and all very influential and active figures for Sport in Action and it was a good opportunity to show them the benefits of where their money is going.

While there we also supervised the delivery of some more materials to site ready for the first layer of sub base to be put down. And no major problems have been reported on site yet and all is going smoothly.

Now it’s time for another restful weekend ready for some more hard work next week! Hopefully you shall have some pictures soon too!

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