Day 16-17

Ater the excitement of our special guests yesterday, we had a relatively relaxing weekend…


The initial plan on Saturday was to visit a rural community however a last minute cancellation meant we opted for a few domestic duties before heading off to Kabwata. We explored the local market, tucking into yet more shima! With a little time to burn, we bought some drinks and experienced our first Zambian Bar.


After communicating with the sports students, we headed off the NASDEC to watch a basketball tournament. It was fantastic to see so many children playing and having fun. We were supporting Kabwata, who we had visited a couple of times previously. Out of the team of 11 girls, 9 of them had only very recently taken up the sport and had largely been coached by the sports students. Their commitment and determination was fantastic and whilst they may not have been the best team, seeing the excitement of scoring a goal was incredible!


Having now got the bug for basketball, we made our way over the road to watch Ashleigh (one of our current housemates) play as part of the NAPSA women’s team. Fortunately that ended in a win, which called for a celebration! The six of us, Ashleigh and her partner went to Times Bar for dinner and a drink. The food was great and with loud music, the team enjoyed a little dance to conclude the day!


Sunday entailed a quick trip to the shops to get 10 tones of meat ready for an influx of hungry sports students! Nearly all the students came around our house for a bbq and games. It was a lovely chilled day, with lots of laughs and food…but we weren’t finished yet! We were very kindly invited out for dinner with Peter and Tim who we met on Friday. We went to an amazing fish restaurant and enjoyed hearing more about Zambia and the project’s from Tim and Peter. Their knowledge, expertise and passion was fantastic to see. We discussed many aspects of the project and even got given a few extra tasks (which will be explained in due course).


And with the conclusion of the weekend, it’s time to look forward to the week ahead. We’ll have a busy one, with netball /volleyball posts needing to be arranged, levelling of the site and a few tournaments to help at. More in the next blog…


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