Days 25 & 26

We woke up extra early on Monday and headed to Munali for the Wallace Festival! The Wallace Festival is hosted at the end of each group of sports students stay, to celebrate the progress of the teams and bring everyone together for some good, healthy competition.

The five of us helped to make sure everything was running on time, gathering kids and making sure they were at their respective courts ready to play when they were needed. The sports included football, netball, basketball, & volleyball and a total of five sites were in attendance.

The day ended with a volunteer vs peer leader netball game, with two of our vey own (Simon & Jack) participating. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side and it was an easy win for the peer leaders – they were amazing!

The day ended with a lot of goodbyes, as we said our farewells to Group 2 who were flying back home the next day.

On Tuesday it was time to put Chipata at the top of our priority list once more, and two of us spent the day at site once more to keep an eye on the progress and make sure everything was running smoothly. It was good to see that the concrete edging was underway and that things were indeed ticking over. Although a revised timeline suggests that the works may not be finished until the 31st, we’re full of hope that (factoring in for ZamTime) it will be done before we leave.

Over the last couple of days there has definitely been a Georgie shaped hole – we can’t wait for the reunion! Meanwhile, Group 3 have arrived and we’re excited to say hello!




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