Day 27 & 28


Today’s site visit by Amy and Rob started off with a record 1 hour 15 minute journey! Sadly the excitement was short lived, with just three workers present on site. Upon discussions, we were informed that the other workers were absent due to a funeral. Work was therefore painfully slow, with just one wheelbarrow of hardcore being moved at a time. With concerns about the schedule still in our minds from yesterday, this did nothing to settle our nerves although we were sympathetic to the situation. However, a quick call to the contractor, and we were pleased to hear that more men were on their way! 40 minutes later and four men in full PPE were jumping out of the back of a truck with shovels in hand! The pace of work instantly increased however we were disappointed to hear that the post sockets would not be embedded today.

With this news, Amy and Rob made the decision to make the 40 minute power walk to jump on the bus that was on its way to Lileta. The three others, Edgar (our housemate) and two of the sports students were on their way to the rural town, north of Lusaka. With the pickup made, all five of the team were reunited and were ready to drop our two friends off for their nine day rural placement. The bath team needed to visit this site in order to conduct a condition assessment of their netball and football court. Upon arrival, we conducted our assessment and dropped off our friends. It was amazing to see a more rural location and a beautiful house built by one of the cofounders of sport in action. Some of us even had a stab at using a well!



Jack and Eilish’s site visit didn’t get off to the best of starts, with a severe lack of activity all morning. With the site supervisor absent, there was no activity and the A2Z team were disappointed. The result… Big bad scary Eilish! Calling an emergency meeting with the supervisor and contractor, Jack and Eilish stressed A2Z’s disappointment and the need to work fast to meet the deadline. With some firm words out the way, it was finally time to embed the post sockets and do the final compaction. A bit of a late evening, but at long last we’re hopeful of asphalt tomorrow!

Whilst Jack and Eilish were at Chipata, Rob and Simon continued our work on assessing the condition of all of Sport in Action’s sites. This brought a new dimension today as we were assessing a swimming pool. With Rob, the swimming teacher, in his element, we got a little sidetracked! Meeting the coaches of a swimming academy, we enjoyed hearing about how they have a passion for the sport and teach many of the community free of charge. Keen to hear more, we accepted the offer to make the short drive to another pool and see some lessons in action, before returning to the original pool where Rob finally got the chance to teach some local children to swim!

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