Days 29-30


On Friday Rob, Amy and Simon went to Chipata to see the progress on site. The stern words with the contractor and site supervisor seemed to make an impact, as they were pleased to find out that the compacting and resin pouring was finished and it was ready to be asphalted! There was a record of 11 workers on site, each with different tasks; 

  • 4 were moving the aggregate from off site onto the site 
  • 5 mixing the asphalt 
  • 1 spreading the asphalt in sections 
  • 1 compacting 

It was an exciting day to finally see lots of work being completed and the court looking closer to being finished. After a rather ambitious target of laying the whole court in one day, the workers stayed late again and 1/3 was completed! 

The deadline for the court to be finished is on the 3rd of September. We are in the process of organising a mini netball and volleyball tournament for the 4th of September to be played on the new court! It will be a great event to celebrate the hard work that’s been put in. 

Whilst overseeing the site, Amy joined the Girls in Action session at Chipata with the Pier Leader Patricia, to talk to a group of girls on the subject “Secret Whispers”. The theme focused on gossip and the spreading of false truths, playing Pass The Message to explain how information can be altered as it passes through different people. 

The Girls In Action groups are located in every school and are essential in educating young women in various areas such as health, fitness and culture. It is exciting to have the opportunity to be a part of leading this group, as well as being on the construction site.

Whilst the others were on site, Jack and Eilish continued working on assessing Sport in Actions courts in other sites around Lusaka. They first visited Libala Secondary School, located just around the corner from the SIA office. They had many students interested in what they were doing, asking lots of questions and laughing at them pacing out the size of the court! The second school they visited was Kabulonga Girls Secondary School. The basketball court was initially the only court they could find, due to the other 2 courts (nearly 100m worth of asphalt) being completely hidden by overgrown vegetation. It was definitely one of the worst condition courts they had seen! 

It was a super hot day, so to help cool down they grabbed some ice cream in the local mall. They then decided that they couldn’t cope with getting back on 3 busy buses and being fuelled by the sugar rush of the ice cream, Jack and Eilish set off for an hours walk home across Lusaka. They later found out from Amy that there is actually one direct bus that could have taken them home instead of walking! 



It was a day off for everyone and we all spent the morning taking it at a ZamTime pace and relaxing back at the house. Eilish took her usual place of sunbathing outside, Amy doing her washing (by hand!) and the others reading books inside.

The afternoon was spent walking with our housemate Edgar to the local football stadium to watch the equivalent of a Premier League match. We arrived to the 13.00 match a little late, surprised to hear very little noise coming from the stadium. Upon trying to enter, we found out that the match didn’t start until 15.00 and Edgar had got his timings wrong! So we made a U-Turn and went back up the road for pizza and to look around the local Kabwata market. We returned to the football and joined the rowdy/excited crowd supporting NAPSA Stars! It was another boiling hot day and we didn’t survive in the heat for too long and moved into the shade (and quieter area) to watch the second half.

We were delighted that NAPSA won the game and we left in good spirits for a traditional Zambian meal at our house cooked by Edgar AKA Chef Pizza. We had smoked fish nshima for our main meal and Eilish made Flapjacks for the guys to taste another traditional British pudding.

We finished the evening by playing a game of Yahtzee, with a record breaking 3 yahtzees in one game and Rob taking the victory!

Looking forward to celebrating Amy’s Birthday tomorrow and going back to Site.


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