The Saga of the Spoon


Sunday’s come around again and it’s the start of another week, the time is flying by and the work is progressing well. After the day off yesterday the boys were back at work on site, working hard and on a Sunday no less! They sacrificed their Sunday and made the epic trek across town on the manic buses, only to find out their hard work had been sabotaged. *Dun dun duuuuuuun*.

When they arrived on site they found that the sockets for the netball posts had been completely filled with gravel. The culprits unknown and are still at large to this day. The disaster message was relayed to those back at home via WhatsApp, and with a feeling of great dismay, the group put their heads together to brainstorm a fix for the problem.

Fingers? Hole is too small. Vacuum cleaner? No power. Or vacuum cleaner for that matter. Tongs? Broken and still at the house. A spoon? Too small. A long spoon? Perfect!

The plan was set. The boys got to work, instructions were given, a local boy was sent to fetch a spoon, concerned faces were changed to excited ones, gravel remained in the hole and a stick was found. Next problem. How to attach the spoon? Solution, use a bin bag. Emanuel, the local site coordinator at Chipata, seemed to be a master at using bin bags for ingenious applications, stretching out the bin bag into a long string-like bit of plastic it was easy to tie up the spoon.

The epic contraption in all its glory.

Now for the hard part, fishing out the stones. Hmm, maybe we could of used a fishing pole type arrangement. I digress. Spooning turned out to be hard work, each spoonful only churning out a couple of stones at a time. And with a hole that was half a metre deep, things were looking bleak. Tirelessly they worked, deep into the night until the hole was empty and their fatigued bodies could no longer stand. Fear not for they were carried home on the shoulders of the elated citizens of Chipata Community School, like the heroes of the hour they were.

Intense concentration is needed not to drop the stones.

Meanwhile, in the comforts of Kabulonga mall, Amy enjoyed a birthday coffee and not just any coffee. A proper coffee. For too long they had endured the trials and tribulations of instant coffee and on this triumphant day a coffee machine was found! Bells rang out across the city as Amy celebrated her birthday in style, her day was not yet finished.

Ocean basket the meeting place. Festivities the aim of all attending. Sushi the food of choice. Cinema too expensive. Fun had by everyone. Outrageously quick service. Sustenance had by those that faced the saga of the spoon. Cheers to the birthday girl. Home to bed. End.

Dawn broke over tired bodies, but our resolve did not waver. So began the girls epic trek across town on the manic buses without knowing what challenges would befall them this day.

Luckily, today was pretty plain sailing. The first layer of asphalt was fully lain and a few more passes were made with the compaction machine by days end. The girls returned home relaxed and full of positivity that the next and final layers of asphalt could be finished by the end of the week.

Work continues throughout the saga, with the first layer of asphalt completed and compacted.

Some poetic license has been used in the telling of this epic tale. See you next time faithful readers.

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