Update from Kaunda – drainage and water supply

Drainage and water supply has been the focus of our attention at Kaunda Square this week as the court nears completion with exactly one week until the Bath team leaves Lusaka.

The asphalt has been laid and is currently being compacted. The concrete apron is complete and the major tasks remaining are the laying of a bitumen layer over the asphalt and painting of court lines.

Compacting the asphalt

Early on in the project we decided to add a drainage channel above and beside the court to direct rainwater away from the court and adjacent school building. This is part constructed but the discovery of a water pipe beneath the channel has slowed progress slightly.

The drainage channel runs on two sides of the court and is constructed from cast in situ concrete.

We decided to redirect the water pipe so that it runs adjacent to the drain, rather than under it. This will eliminate the chance of the pipe being damaged during construction of the drain and allow easier access to the pipe if it has to be repaired in the future. The pipe supplies the school with all of its water, so we have to do all we can to ensure a constant supply.

The tap will remain in place, but a new pipe will be laid further from the drain

We are keen to make the most of our last few working days in Lusaka, so we’re arranging visits to previous Bath construction sites with our contractors to obtain quotes for repair and maintenance work. Although it’s unlikely we will have time to carry out the work this year, the quotes will help the Wallace Group and Sport in Action to decide which sites to focus on next year.

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