ACE2Zambia on Site

The ACE2Zambia team are on site and work has commenced on the netball court at Chitanda Combined School. Week 2 started with the team on site and groundwork commencing.

The A2Z team with the contractor on site and ready to start groundworks


The first step was to level the ground. An initial site walkover revealed much more uneven ground than we expected, a loose drain pipe from an adjacent property, and plenty of rubbish (organic and non-organic) strewn across the site.

Nevertheless, the A2Z team was ready to get started and after a brief wait for the excavator, we were breaking ground. We were pleased with the excavator that turned up and after explaining what was needed to the driver we had broken ground.

Breaking Ground… The start of the project

After just a few hours the topsoil had been stripped right across the site area and good progress was being made. By a stroke of luck, the existing ground that was found underlying the court area was strong and firm, boding well for the longevity of the court. The existing ground excavated from this area will come in useful for filling and levelling the area.

Levelling the ground

In order to build up a sports court the ground, you start from should be firm, stable, and reasonably level. Given the undulation of the site that we started with this was no mean feat. The excavator had made a start on the ground levelling and it was down to a grader to finish the job.

The grader at work levelling the ground

After much discussion, the site was re-levelled as the thickness of the gravel layer was hugely varied across the site. This caused a slight delay but was worth it to provide a reasonably uniform surface across the site area.

The trenches for the kerb stones that will delineate the border of the site were started this week too and we look forward to this stage of the work.

Looking to next week

With the ground level, and even resembling a court, the plan for next week is to get the kerbs laid and start to fill the court area with the stone base. This will mark a milestone in the completion of the court

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