ACE2Zambia 2020 is here!

The team for this year’s project has been selected and fundraising is about to begin.

Meet the ACE2Zambia project team!

Gavin Woods, Daniel Vizard-Williams, Alejandro Lopez, Jordan Sweeny & Ursula Gaunt

 This summer we’ll be working alongside the non-profit NGO Sport in Action and university collective – The Wallace Group on the construction of sports courts in rural Zambia. The aim of the project is to provide sporting facilities to communities who would otherwise not have access to them in order to enrich and improve the lives of young people. We’ll be setting off for Africa in July to help project manage, design, and oversee the construction of these facilities.

Head over to ‘About Us’ to read more about the what, why and how of the project and check out our Projects page to see what previous teams got up to.

You can follow the ACE2Zambia team on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we travel to Lusaka and keep up to date with our progress whilst we’re out there.