Day 39 & 40

The court is now agonisingly close to completion… Will today be the day its finished? With absolutely no activity on site, the short answer is no! Today was a real test of patience with no painter or labourers turning up for work. This was shortly followed by the A2Z team spending hours tracking down where the workers were and what was happening. A very frustrating day for all!

After the disappointment of yesterday and with some hard words resonating in the contractors ears, the team were hopeful for a lot of progress today. Since our time is rapidly coming to an end, there are still several things that need completing before we say our farewells. Sadly the morning started rather painfully with the painter not having the correct equipment. After almost half a day of delay, the painting is finally underway! We were also joined on site by the chipata volleyball team who did a fantastic job in helping us to dig and concrete tires around the court. These will act as seats and defence for the court. Another long day on site, but tomorrow is now our final day to complete everything before the opening on Thursday!


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