Munali – Day 2

Munali – Existing courts

After our initial visit to the Munali High School on Tuesday, Big Fraser, Danielle and I returned to the Sport in Action offices this morning, keen to start work on site. But first we needed to make a decision on who exactly we wanted to work with. The brief we have been given is to deliver two full size volleyball courts which will enable students to play what is a very popular sport here in Zambia. Although there is currently an earth court on the site we’re hoping that an improved surface will enable the student’s performance to reach a new level.

We were fortunate that Sport in Action had already engaged with two local contractors and we were surprised to receive two wildly different quotations. Not only was Charles, our chosen contractor, the best quote, but we were more than happy to award him the work based on his glowing recommendation, courtesy of Hayley Barr. He’s already living up to her testimony and has been incredibly accommodating with his quotation. Fraser and I are looking forward to working with him and his team as we start work tomorrow morning on site.

With so much interest in projects we’ll be sure to spam you all with plenty of photos in order to track our progress!


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