Day 24 – Livingstone & Victoria Falls

Important stages on both the netball court and changing rooms meant that we had to stagger or visit to Livingstone. Sam and Camille remained behind on Friday to oversee seeing of the changing room rafters, and the spraying of anti-termite solution on the netball court before the gravel layer is spread.

The rest of us took the 8 hour bus along some quite battered roads to Livingstone. If anyone fancies building Zambia a decent railway, then you’ll get a lot of appreciation for taking the 50 tonne copper lorries off the roads!

Weekend activities included an interesting cycle tour of the area, learning about everything from border imports and tourism to community schools and the impact of alcohol on the young people.

Sam and Camille met us on Saturday evening for a sunset cruise along the mighty Zambezi- a favourite with all the team. 

We visited the Victoria Falls, Mosi-oa-Tunya (Smoke that Thunders), on Sunday after an amazing breakfast at one of the fancy hotels in the national park. The views were awesome, and we were all completely soaked through by the spray. The scale of it is difficult to get your head around.

Dani marked herself as the most fearless by doing the zipwire across the gorge, though no one could stomach the heights, or the price, of the bungee jump! Bonkers…
Sam R and Dani head back to site on Monday before the compaction of the base and the laying of asphalt, and to keep watch on the changing rooms, where paint is drying as slowly as usual.

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